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"Wine is sunlight, held together by water." ~ Galileo Galilei




The saying "wine is made in the vineyard" is as true today as when it was first uttered. Each year we spend time in the vineyard to experience the uniqueness of each new growing season. That time in the vineyard reveals the qualities and differences of each year's fruit and guides winemaking for the vintage. Careful handcrafting results in an expressive wine with a balanced blend of alcohol, pH, acidity and oak


We believe in minimal intervention. The unique terroir driven characteristics of our wines reveal a sense of place. The vintage driven elements reveal a sense of time. Our smooth, fruit forward wines exhibit a beautiful balance of flavors and layers of complexity highlighted by subtle hints of oak and vanilla.


Where it improves the natural expression of our wines and supports the sustainable care of our earth we incorporate innovative practices.


Barrel Stack

Once our wines have nearly finished fermentation they are moved to a combination of new and lightly aged French Oak Barrels for up to 24 months where élevage occurs. In this stage the wine literally lives, changes and begins to take on the finer characteristics of what will become the finished wine.

The wine is racked off of its lees (sediment) several times over the course of aging and is returned to the barrel. While in the barrel the wine undergoes many changes that to this day are not completely understood. As the oak barrel respires it contributes minute amounts of oxygen (known as micro oxygenation) which helps the wine to develop, mature and become stable. In addition to layers of aroma and flavor from the fruit, the barrels contribute tannins and notes of vanilla, caramel, chocolate or a smokiness depending upon the level of toast we have chosen for each specific wine.

Red Wine Tasting

Shortly after harvest and once fermentation is complete a series of barrel tastings begins in order to understand each lot and what it may contribute to the wine. The decision on a final blend usually occurs within a year of bottling and the integration is carried out in the cellar. Decisions regarding cold stabilization, fining or filtering are also considered as the wine approaches bottling.

When the wine is ready to be bottled, each step of the process is carefully planned to insure that the wine is delicately handled to prevent trauma, preserve its flavors and aromas, and keep oxygen uptake as close to zero as possible. 

Depending upon the varietal, once bottled most wines are allowed to age and settle for another year prior to sale.

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