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Monvitis is family-owned and operated. Its exceptional small lot wines are produced from select vineyards in the Napa Valley and North Coast. It was founded by winemaker Jon Schwartz, a successful Telecommunications and ISP executive who became obsessed with creating a world class wine that beautifully expresses the elements of "place and time" from select vineyards. 

At Monvitis, our focus is on handcrafted wines that showcase the unique differences between the vineyards and vintages from which they've come. Our smooth, fruit forward red wines exhibit a beautiful balance of flavors and layers of complexity highlighted by subtle hints of oak and vanilla.  Our aromatic white and rosé wines offer lush fruit flavors complimented by mouthwatering acidity.  


We believe in minimal intervention. The unique terroir driven characteristics of our wines reveal a sense of place. The vintage driven elements reveal a sense of time. Where it improves the natural expression of our wines and supports the sustainable care of our earth we incorporate innovative practices.

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